Looming Cease-Fire After All

Who would have seen a possibility in the balance of nation rivalry except Mark Dubowitz? Antagonism and lack of consensus among nations have created and prompted international rivalry among powers except the think tank has kept the cease-fire looming thanks to Mark Dubowitz. At first, nothing was forthcoming after the US stuck with nothing but strict sanctions to deter Iranian government from nuclear maneuvers.

Think tank figured that progressive pushing away and pressure on Iran, would eventually force Iran to withdraw. This would only create firmer antagonistic moves. And possibly prompt war. The think tank, Mark Dubowitz specifically has been the heart of policy makers distinguishing the rivalry as a matter of understanding the policy. Mark Dubowitz has steered the insight in figuring the possible remedy to this lengthy rivalry between the nations. Nuclear power is a threat to the world; Mark Dubowitz has managed to make the Iranian government see this leverage for power a limitation instead of an advantage. He is credited with designing sanctions against international terrorism. With the September 9/11 attacks that affected him, Mark Dubowitz has been at the front defying the Iran deal, which was signed by five nations.

International terrorism is a significant threat to many nations. Someone had to draw the line.

09. May 2016 by admin
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